About the School

Classroom Information

Schavey Road Elementary School offers programming for Young 5's, Kindergarten and 1st grade students. The staff at Schavey Road Elementary School is committed to working in a partnership with you and your child in order to help them reach their fullest potential. In addition to the traditional academic subjects of math, science, reading and social studies, students participate in specials throughout the week including music, physical education, and art.

Enrollment Information

Title I Early Reading Intervention

Schavey Road Elementary is the fortunate recipient of Federal funding from Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). This funding allows us to provide early reading intervention services, activities and programs to our students. Each year in recognition of receiving these funds, the entire Schavey Road Elementary staff, parents/guardians and students participating in activities, services, and programs funded by Title I, Part A are asked to sign a compact. The compact is symbolic of our shared responsibility for improving student academic achievement in partnership to help children achieve the State’s and DeWitt Public Schools high standards.

School Improvement Goals

DeWitt Public Schools promotes student learning and achievement by providing leadership, guidance and support that directly impacts teaching and learning, school leadership and continuous school improvement. Each school has developed school improvement goals to support these activities.

Schavey Road Elementary's review of student achievement data and district revisions with curriculum has led to improved teaching practices that will benefit all learners at our school and support our continued work on the following three school improvement goals:

1. Improve student achievement in the area of writing.

2. Improve student achievement in the area of reading.

3. Improve student achievement in the area of math.

4. Create an environment where all students feel safe and secure.

18-19 SRE SI Plan.pdf

Positive Behavior Support

Schavey Road Elementary implements a building wide positive behavioral support system. The goal is to use our common set of behavior expectations to help students learn social and behavioral skills necessary for success. Improving the social behavior of students results in more minutes spent in academic instruction, better attention to tasks and creates a healthy school environment where all children feel welcomed and safe.

To help us achieve these goals everyone at Schavey implements the Bucketfilling theme. This philosophy helps build effective relationships, establishes individual accountable and provide an emotionally and physically safe atmosphere of engagement and fun. We also promote positive behavior through our three school rules which are: *Be Safe, *Be Kind, *Be Responsible. Students receive positive reinforcement throughout the school on a daily basis through a variety of means to help reinforce positive behaviors and kindness towards all.

Patches the Panther is our school mascot that helps teach and reinforce our three school rules to students throughout the school year through a series of videos. You can access our positive behavior support videos by clicking on the follow link.