We welcome your support in these opportunities to enhance our programming.

Schavey Road is registered to participate in corporate programs that give us points or cash back for labels that we can then use to purchase various items. Simply clip the necessary label and send it to school with your child or drop it by our office.

Box tops for Education

General Mills sponsors Box Tops for Education. Our school received over $1700 last year alone from the hundreds of General Mills, Pillsbury, and Betty Crocker product labels we turned in. This money has been used to pay for special assemblies, playground equipment, etc. For more information on qualifying products, go the their website. They also offer popular website shopping opportunities when you sign up to become a Box Top Booster, and a VISA card that can be used to help out your local school.

General Mills also offers cash for online purchases. Check out Marketplace for more information.

Campbell Soup Labels

Campbell sponsors Labels for Education. We receive one point for each label we turn in. These points can be used to buy items through the program's catalog, including CDs for the computer lab, videos for the library, and playground balls and jump ropes. Visit their website.

Tyson Project A+

We have an exciting opportunity to share with you. We are taking part in a fundraising program sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. called Tyson Project A+. Through this label collection program, we can raise as much as $12,000 for our school this year! All we have to do to participate is clip and save the entire Project A+ label from participating Tyson products. Each label we collect is worth 24 cents for our school!!! The money we raise can go towards buying books or computers, making improvements to our buildings, or anything else that we want. Start clipping and saving Tyson Project A+ labels and send them to school with your student, or drop by the office and turn in your labels. If you have any questions about Project A+, please contact our office at 668-3500.